Sunday, December 27, 2009

Skirts & Wellies

One of my long time, extremely talented, good friends, Sandi  moved to the United Kingdom just outside of England a few years back to start her marrriage and family.  After visiting and taking in the sites in Europe, such as Scotland, Ireland, Germany and more,   She met her husband after visiting the UK to obtain her Masters Degree.  When she returned back to the states, it was apparent that her heart was still in the England with her soon to be husband.  Shortly thereafter, she relocated to England and started her family. 

Although we here in the US miss her, she still shares her talents and creativity on her latest blog "Skirts and Wellies." 

It is great way for all us friends who miss her to still experience her talents and creativity. 

If you want to be a believer of her talents too, I would highly recommend visiting,

You won't regret it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Help Mend Maureens Heart

One of the many enjoyments I receive in my Scentsy journey is the incredible people I meet.

There have been many amazing people I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with, but one in particular has been Carlos Pundik from Tampa Florida

I was fortunate enough to have Carlos join our Scentsy Scentaholic team in September 2009.  Carlos is extremely talented, charismatic and his willingness to share his creative talents and expertise with the rest of our team has made him invaluable.  

A few weeks ago I learned that the mother of Carlos children, Maureen, was rushed to Broward General Medical Center CVICU due to a sudden, unidentified infection which has severely weakened her heart. She is in critical, yet stable condition with only 10% of her heart working on it's own. The doctors tell us they are limited and it may be in her best interest to be transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital for a heart transplant. However, issues with(out) insurance are making things complicated and slow.

The family is asking for as much support as possible.  Although I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Maureen, yet, I am hoping that my small donation and a link to her website, will help make a small difference. 

If you can, please help Carlos and his family, help Maureen.

Thank you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Scentsy Team is now in New Hampshire

I am very excited to welcome my teams first Scentsy Consultant in the state of New Hampshire

There are only 47 Scentsy Consultants in the entire state of New Hampshire, including our new teammate Shannon Dawson.  Welcome aboard Shannon!! 

This is an exciting opportunity for Shannon to be the leader of Scentsy in Dover, New Hampshire.  It isn't everyday that an opportunity comes along to join one of the most successful, fast growing companies as the leader in your area. 

I can't wait to see where this exciting opportunity is going to take her. 

Stay Tuned... 

Our Scentsy Team brings new Directors to Texas, Alaska & Washington

The month of November ended with my Scentsy team amazing me once again.  In addition to our records sales, I am so happy to welcome 3 new Directors to our Scentsy team. 

Norma and Chris Boushey, Washington

Nikki Adams, Amarillo Texas

Martha Cooper, Alaska

They join our teams 4 other Directors

Shawn and Wendy Robinson, Washington

Jamie Tyner, Colorado

Shannon Schmidt, Texas

Kristin De Los Santos, Texas

If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would have a team of over 300 members, 7 Directors along with records sales in the six figures, I would have laughed.  Little did I know of the opportunity that was in front of me.  Even better, I think this is just the beginning of many great things to come, not just for me and my family, but for everyone in our team, especially our new Scentsy Directors.

They each have their own unique talents and creativity that has helped them reach their Scentsy goals in such a short period of time.  I am so impressed with their talents and how they have successfully led their own teams.  Their team members are very lucky to have them for an example and guidance with their Scentsy journey.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone on my team.  It is such a honor to be associated with such a talented group of people.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back Links

I was online looking for back links and came across this site, What a great kind idea, the author of this site had. It is simply a site to provide back links for all of us, helping everyone. It doesn't cost a think and everyone wins.

So, to repay the favor, for them allowing me a back link, I am providing them a few back links as well.

Thank you for the kind public service.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scentsy is Exceeding all my Expectations!

Little did I know when I decided to join Scentsy two year ago, what my Scentsy future would hold. The past few months have far exceeded my expectations and much to my amazement it still keeps growing in record numbers each day.

Two months ago, my Scentsy business consisted of a little over 200 people, including two Directors,
Shannon Schmit and Kristin De Los Santos, from Amarillo Texas. They had both promoted to Director in just 3 short months. Also, after my team expanded into Puerto Rico, my team was expanding internationally for the first time into Canada. Also, much to my amazement, my Group Wholsale Volume was well over $50,000.

The following month I had two other talented members of my team,
Shawn Robinson and Jamie Tyner promote to Director. Wow! Because of their promotion, this promoted me to Star Director, a title and promotion I'm honored to hold. Also, along with this accomplishment came a nice pay raise. While other people and families are strugglig with the poor economy, lay offs and pay cuts, I am watching not only my checks increase on a monthly basis but my team members as well.

Now jump forward two months later to mid November. My Scentsy team member and sales have almost doubled and a few more people who will most likely achieve the title of Scentsy Director this month too. This may possibly promote me to SuperStar Director, which is the highest title a Scentsy Consultant holds. WOW!! I am still pinching myself to see if this is all real.

The fact that we still have over one more month left of the Christmas Holiday shopping season, I can't wait to see what my incredible team will surpise me with next. Also, the beautiful Holiday Scentsy products that Scentsy has introduced has helped. These Holiday Warmers and Holiday Scentsy scents are selling at records rates.

I am so honored to be the leader of not only a company that allows me this kind of opportunity, but the talented group of people who have the vision and talent to make these promotions possible.

If my team has been able to accomplish these kind of strides in just 2 short years, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

To be continued...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holiday Scentsy Warmers, Parker & FUN FREE Giveaways

When I first moved to Seattle, from Salt Lake City, Utah, I joined a Meet Up Group for women. I thought this group would be a fun way to meet other local independent business owners while at the same time sharing my Scentsy business. The purpose of this meet-up group is to promote one another businesses while sharing friendships. Because the internet has been a big help to promote my Scentsy business, I thought how I could use the internet to help these other women as well. Next came the birth of FUN FREE Giveaways.
Recently my sister-in-law, in Salt Lake City, was telling me a story about a boy born with many health difficulties. His health problems have caused huge medical expenses for his family. After learning that their medical insurance would soon be capping out, with many more medical procedures in need, I thought how I could use FUN FREE Giveaways to help him as well.
Each month I giveaway Scentsy products and pick one lucky winner from the comments left on the blog. I thought why not use FUN FREE Giveaways to help Parker while at the same time improving someone's home for the Holidays with a Beautiful Christmas Scentsy Warmer. Click Here to see the beautiful line of Christmas Scentsy Warmers debuting November 1st.

So, for the month of October I will be giving away 2 of the popular Scentsy Holiday Warmers to 2 lucky winners who contribute $5 or more to Parkers cause. No family, especially one in such need, should have to go without medical insurance.
Although I know much more is needed, I hope this event will help make a small difference.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Teams first Scentsy Consultants in Canada

What an exciting day in Scentsy history today. I have been anxiously waiting for this day, ever since Scentsy announced at the convention, it would be opening its doors in Canada.

I have been speculating what an incredible opportunity it would be to have the very first Scentsy Consultant in Canada join my Team. For the wise person in Canada who is smart enough to have the Scentsy vision, they now have the opportunity to have 50,000 Scentsy Consultants on their Scentsy team just like Scentsy has done in 5 short years. Scentsy has been able to accomplish this amazing feat breaking all kinds of records in the direct selling and party plan industry. Now that Scentsy is in Canada it gets to start all over again.

When our new Scentsy websites were launched internationally for the first time today I had the pleasure of watching our Scentsy Team cross the U.S. border into Canada, for the very first time.

I would like to give a big welcome to my teams first two Canadian Scentsy Consultants, Roxanne Tash Reis and Shelley Murchison.   

I can't wait to see where this incredible opportunity is going to take them.

It is a pleasure to have the two of your represent our Scentaholic Scentsy team in Canada!  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Team's New Scentsy Consultants

Each month I put out a Team Newsletter for our Scentaholic Scentsy Team located throughout the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and hopefully soon to be Canada. In addition to our teams accomplishments during the past month and team and company updates, I list each new member of our Scentsy Team, their location and their Scentsy sponsor. For the month of September I am proud to announce our teams newest Scentsy Consultants:

I am so excited for our teams newest Scentsy Consultants. Each month I am so amazed at our teams growth and what an incredible job everyone on our Scentsy team is doing. I can't wait to see who will be on this list next month.

Thanks for all you do Team!  You Rock!! 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who needs Video Games when you Have Scentsy?

I never realized that Scentsy could fast becoming the next big thing to Nintendo and Wii. Scentsy is quickly making our home the "Scentsy house instead of the "Kool Aid" house. In fact, instead of the "Kool Aid" Mom," my name is quickly becoming the "Scentsy Lady."

When I pick my daughter up from school, I over hear the other kids tell their friends "that's the Scentsy Lady." Also, I have many kids on a daily basis approach me and tell me how much they love Scentsy.

When the neighbor kids come over, their attention always turns to Scentsy. I see them sitting around the table smelling my Scentsy Testers, putting them into piles of which one's they like, sort of like and don't like. Instead of watching TV I see them sitting on the couch browsing my latest Scentsy catalog and commenting on which Scentsy Warmers they like best. Best of all, I over hear them deciding which warmer and scents they want to give to their friends, family and teachers for Chrismas gifts.

Also, when I am need of a little help with my Scentsy business, such as labeling catalogs or products, I find that bribing the kids with Scentsy products works much better than cash. They can't wait to chip in and go home with a FREE Scentsy Car Candle or Scentsy Bar.

My daughter who is surrounding by Scentsy on a daily basis, just doesn't seem to understand her friends fascination with Scentsy but she eventually joins in on sampling and commenting on her favorite scents too. In fact, she is still struggling with the fact the Strawberry Sweetie has been discontinued.

When they grow up and begin their journey into those high school years, my hopes are that they will consider Scentsy their positive addiction of choice instead of the other negative influences they will be subjected to. I also hope they won't be too cool to continue calling me the "Scentsy Lady" and will still want to hang out at the "Scentsy House." These are titles I consider an honor and hope to carry with me for many years to come.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scentsy Contribute 2009

I am so inspired by Scentsy's new program. Scentsy is giving us the opportunity to help our fellow businesses in our local communities and make a real difference in this slow economy. As Orville & Heidi Thompson (owners of Scentsy) said "We have been blessed with Scentsy and want to give back. We are asking you and anyone else that would like to make a difference to give back too." Your donation can make all the difference.

The business I chose to pledge is the Beehive Tea Room. I have known the owner of the Beehive Tea Room, Lisa Brady for years. I have watched her share her artistic talent with the public through her floral arrangements to designing movie sets. The movie business was quite demanding of her time. So, being a single parent she took a big leap, and paycut, and decided to use her talent to open up her own business. This would allow her to spend more time with her daughter.
Lisa's Tea Room is a like a step back in time. You feel like you have entered a Tea Room in Savannah back in the 40's. It gives locals a classy, yet laid back place to socialize, have a party, or to simply hangout and escape from the day to day grind. Lisa's sacifices, hardwork and touch of class she has brought to Salt Lake, I feel, makes her a well deserved recipient of the Scentsy "Contribute 2009" program. Click on the "Take the Pledge" photo for more information or Click Here to contact me.

Scentsy September Warmer of the Month Jack O'Latern Bringing Out those Non-believers!


I'm so excited about this new warmer. Scentsy out did itself this time. What a great way to combine not only the pleasing fragrance of Scentsy, but also to have a wonderful Halloween decoration as well.

Even my skeptical friends are ordering the Jack O'Latern Scentsy Warmer from me. They are my wonderful friends who were quite skeptical when they heard I was beginning a home based business. Having been victims of other Direct Selling businesses, they were quite leary. You know, they avoid you when the topic of Scentsy comes up because they think you are going to try to recruit them and all their friends and family. They are afraid to come over to your home because you might have the chairs in the living room in the shape of a circle. You know those old Amway horror stories.

Although, I couldn't blame them, I was skeptical myself. In fact when my husband first brought home a Scentsy Catalog, I avoided it because it was Multi Level Marketing. However, when I saw the product, I thought it was an innovative idea along with an incredible business opportunity. The more I thought about it I couldn't think of a reason why I shouldn't join. For only $99 I was able to receive everything I needed to start my own Scentsy business. I was so excited I couldn't sleep. I waited until a reasonable hour in the morning to call the name on the catalog. She was the wife of my husbands co-worker, I had briefly met once.

After that it has been a wonderful Scentsy addiction. Hence our team name "Scentaholics." There isn't a day that goes by that I don't ponder ways to seize the opportunity of being one of the pioneers of Scentsy.

With a little bit of time, my friends and family have realized I'm not a pushy person, I am in this Scentsy business because I love the product and strongly believe in the business opportunity. They are seeing my passion in what I do and are starting to come around. In fact of the 200+ members of my team, I haven't had to strong hold one of them. When the Scentsy business opportunity presented itself to them, they were smart enough to see the Scentsy vision. They didn't need any convincing.

Now, my friends and family don't avoid me when I talk about Scentsy. They realize there is more to it than they originally thought. They see this is a business I am not only enjoying, but having a lot of fun with. As one of my friends put it, "I have never seen so you passionate and enjoy your job as much as you do with Scentsy, its nice to see." In fact, my Scentsy business grew so quickly, it has been time consuming at times. I'm very grateful for my friends and family who although may have not understood, were supportive of me building my Scentsy business.

In the beginning, I think most of my acquaintances thought my candle business was a fluke and wouldn't last longer than a couple of months. Now that they have seen my business grow by over 500% this past year and watched my Scentsy team grow to over 200+ Consultants located throughout the United States, Armed Forces, Puerto Rico and soon to be entering an international market including Canada, they aren't as skeptical. They have watched my paychecks gradually increase each month. Also, when they see me take off for exotic, all expense paid vacations to Banff Canada, Alaskan Cruises, the fabulous Broadmoor Hotel and other exotic hotels for spa treatments etc., they are realizing that this is something to be taken a little more seriously. Also, when they saw the $2,000+ check I received at the Scentsy Convention for winning the Annual Sales & Mentor Award, they realize, maybe there is a little more to this Scentsy Business.
Katie Jones

Friday, September 4, 2009

Scentsy Business Opportunity coming to Canada

I'm so excited to announce that the Scentsy business opportunity is coming to Canada October 1st. Available in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario provinces. What does this mean? 5 years ago when Scentsy opened in the United States it has become the fastest growing Home Based Candle Business and has quickly grown to over 40,000 Scentsy Consultants. Now that Scentsy is opening in Canada, it is going to start all over again. The first consultants to Join Scentsy in Canada have the opportunity to be where Scentsy was 5 years ago. What an incredible opportunity to create an amazing Business for yourself. Scentsy is on track to become one of the largest Home Based Candle companies EVER. Who wouldn't want to be part of this rare opportunity to be one of the first Scentsy Consultants in Canada? For more information or to get on our teams waiting list, visit my website or e-mail me at

I look forward to hearing from you.  ~  Katie   

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Scentsy Story! - by Katie Jones

I started my Scentsy career November 2007 and little did I know of the amazing opportunity I was entering upon.  My original intent was to simply make a little extra money, while working from home.

My husband was employed by the airlines and after 9-11 and many paycuts later, it was time for me to start bringing a little more money to the table. 

Before meeting the love of my life and having our third child, I was single parent for over 10 years and my older kids spent a lot of time in day care, while I worked and put myself through college.  Having missed out on so much during their childhood I didn't want to miss out those once in a lifetime events with my 3rd child.  

So, when it was time for me to go back to work, after being very lucky to be a stay at home for a few years, I was very concerned about giving up my flexibility and putting our 3rd child in day care.  I wanted to be the one experiencing her "firsts" in life, not the day care provider.   

My husband understood these concerns so when a co worker was telling him about his wife's home based business called Scentsy my husband thought this would be a good opportunity for me.  After finding out it was direct sales I told him to forget about it and not to bother bringing home a Scentsy Catalog.  I had a very bad taste in my mouth about MLM and didn't want to have anything to do with it. 

This is one of those few times I am so glad he didn't listen to me.  He did bring home a Scentsy catalog and when I decided to look it, for his sake, it was as though a light bulb went off.  I was extremely impressed with what an incredible product Scentsy offered, what a great idea it was to have a flameless, wick free, safe scented candle and how the company was so new I would have the opportunity to get in on a ground floor opportunity.  Plus, there was just something different about Scentsy that I had never seen before, especially in direct selling companies.

I guess you could say I immediately had the Scentsy vision and knew this was a product and opportunity I didn't want ot miss out on.  I couldn't sleep all night and patiently waited until 10 the next morning to visit the website on the back of the catalog to sign up.     

As of today, September 5th, there are almost 45,000 Scentsy consultants. I feel very fortunate to have found this company during it's infancy. I now have a team of over 200+ wonderful consultants through most of the United States, Puerto Rico, Iraq and now that Scentsy is opening it's doors in Canada I look forward to entering this untapped region of the world as well.  

I discovered Scentsy while living in Utah, which is where Scentsy was born. Since that time I have moved to Seattle where Scentsy isn't very well known, yet. I predict that Scentsy will become a household name in approximately 3 years throughout most of the nation. My goal is to become the pioneer of Scentsy throughout most of the nation, especially in my new home.  If you would have told me this one year ago, I would have laughed at you. However, seeing the progress my business has made in such a short time, I feel confident this goal is obtainable with the help of my incredible customers and team.   

Having joined Scentsy during the Christmas holidays, I guess you could call it a "baptism by fire" experience. No better way to start your business than in the midst of holiday rush. Scentsy was so popular, they were having a difficult time keeping up with the demand, but they did it. However, there were a few instances that the supply didn't meet the demand. In those instances Scentsy included a free Scentsy Warmer with every order. This was a profit breaking time for Scentsy, but to help keep our businesses strong and our Scentsy customers happy, Scentsy cut into their profits to help us consultants.  I was very impressed that this company was more concerned about their consultants and their customers than they were their profits. It was at this time that I was certain I made the right choice with my new career. 

That was just one of the growing pains of being with a new, up and coming company. I must admit that I have been very impressed with the progress Scentsy has made in not only keeping up with supply and demand (and there is a lot of demand) but shipping as well. I have watched products that used to take approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery, be delivered within 1 week. Of course, shipping times depends on the season and demand, but I feel safe saying Scentsy products are delivered within 10 business days. 

Not only has it been impressive to watch the Scentsy shipping dept. improve by leaps and bounds, but in almost every other aspect as well. When I joined, the only training available was what your sponsor learned through trial and error.  There was no training nor training materials available at this time, except what we consultants created  and shares.  With my first recruits, I felt like it was more like the blind leading the blind. However, the Scentsy Products were so wonderful and the company was so authentic and genuine, it didn't matter. We all just kept "plugging along" knowing we were part of something that was going to be BIG.     

With a lot of work and determination, my Scentsy business started to take on a life of its own.  The company and Scentsy Products are so simple that the Scentsy products, really do sell themselves.  All you need to do is simply show Scentsy to someone and they want it.  But, who wouldn't?  Scentsy is affordable, safe, elegant, long lasting and the 80 different scents you have to choose from are MagnifiSCENT!    

With a supportive company, incredible products, talented hard working team combined with the work and support from my family and friends, I was able to promote to Scentsy Director in 6 months. With most Direct Selling companies it takes on average of 5- 6 years, so I was quite pleased.  

After becoming Director another honor was becoming one of Scentsy's first 17 founding members.  There are 50 Scentsy Founding Members in all.  The picture above was taken when 9 of us were recognized during the Scentsy Convention in Boise Idaho, 2008. 

I was also honored to be able to be one of the top 10 Scentsy Consultants asked to join the owners of Scentsy, Orville and Heidi Thompson, for a quaint dinner at the fabulous Fairmont Hotel in Banff Canada.   The picture above was taken during the Scentsy 2009 Incentive trip to Canada.  (I just can't seem to avoid the heat wherever I go)  LOL    

This FREE trip to Canada for both my husband and I was an all expense paid trip.  In fact, during the time we were in Canada, it was our 10 year anniversary.  We opted out of one of the group events on the day of our anniversary, so we could spend the day together.  When Scentsy learned of this, they gave us the cash for what they would have spent on this event.  I was so amazed.  We spent the day walking into town and enjoyed a nice lunch together.  What a great memory for our 10 year anniversary, especially since we couldn't have afforded a trip like this on our own.  

I have also had the pleasure of being treated to a week of spa treatments and the Broadmoor Hotel, in Colorado Springs, with 9 of the 50 Founding Members...  (see picture below) 

a FREE Cruise to Alaska, Spa treaments at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, just to name a few of my elegant incentives. Each time I go on these elegant trips, I feel like royalty.  Having never been in a financial position to afford opportunities like this on my own, made it even more AMAZING!!  The only downfall to an incredible trip like this is missing all the wonderful friends I made, the wonderful 5 star accomodations and meals having your bedding turned down at night with a chocolate on your pillow and more.  In fact, each evening Scentsy had a small, elegant gift waiting for us in our rooms, like bathrobes, photo albums, and more.  It's difficult to adjust back to reality after being treated like a queen for a week. LOL

Now on to how I picked my website and team name.  When I was promoted to being a Scentsy Director, I was having a difficult time choosing a name for my new team. At 3:00 in the morning, I couldn't sleep. I was awake putting all my Scentsy ideas into motion, which is a usual occurance with me during the wee early morning hours.  I am quite a night owl.  During this time, one of my new recruits e-mailed me. She said she loved Scentsy so much and was so excited with her new business she couldn't sleep either because she was addicted to Scentsy.  That is when the team name "Scentaholics" came to light and also inspired my website address,  This is just 2 of the many inspirations I receive from my wonderful team.  They inspire me in so many ways and I feel so very fortunate to be involved with such a talented group of people.       

I also had the pleasure of attending the Scentsy Convention in Salt Lake City,  Utah in July 2009.  It was so much fun spending time with a few of my incredible teammates.  Most of us are located throughout the nation, so it was nice to be able to spend time together in the same city and what better way than at a Scentsy Convention.  What a great experience and memory we shared.  The knowledge, friendships and experience we shared is difficult to describe, except the word AMAZING comes to mind.  Before the convention we were on one of our team calls trying to come up with a theme for our team on Team Spirit Day during the convention.  After a lot of giggling, and silly ideas we came up with the idea "Scentaholics... Don't Dred Our Addicition" and along came the Jamaican theme.  Our talented teammate Terina Ballard designed and created our team logo.  She also created our team description amongst many other great ideas she has shared with all of us.  Below you can see the fun we had with this theme.     

At the convention, I had the honor of winning the Annual Mentor and Sales Award. I won the Annual Sales Award for having achieved over $37,000 in sales, and the Annual Mentor Award for having personally sponsored over 60 Scentsy Consultants that year. I received a trophy, plaque and best of all a check over $2,000. That was just one of the many perks and great memories from this convention.   

Now back to my first year with Scentsy.  Being one of the first 17 Founding Members, Orville and Heidi Thompson invited my husband and I to their beautiful home for dinner.   I was in Idaho for the Scentsy Convention with my husband and daughter, but not knowing anyone in Idaho, I was having a difficult time finding child care.  Much to my surprise Orville and Heidi graciously invited my child to spend the evening with their babysitter and children.  I was so impressed that the owners of this wonderful company, with everything on their plate, would be generous enough to be concerned with my child care needs. I knew then, they really did live up to their motto of being a family oriented company of generosity, value and authenticity.
Almost 2 years later, needless to say, I am able to make the car payment, which was my original goal. If that wasn't wonderful enough, I have the flexibility to be home for my family, school events, etc., love what I do, and love the amazing people I have met along my Scentsy journey. 

There have been challenges, just like anything in life, but I knew with time, effort and the ability to overcome these obstacles my Scentsy business had the potential of blossoming into something incredible.  It is only the beginning and thanks to my AMAZING team and customers I know it is only the beginning of many great things to come. 

Yes, my original plan was to improve my families life. In addition to accomplishing this, I am having the best time being part of watching Scentsy enrich and change my teams lives for the better as well.  Although the pay is nice, watching people achieve their Scentsy dreams and change their personal and families lives for the better, is priceless.  

I look forward to sharing many more wonderful Scentsy stories and experiences with you on this blog.    

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me or visit my Scentsy website 

Make it a SCENTsational Day!

Katie Jones