Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holiday Scentsy Warmers, Parker & FUN FREE Giveaways

When I first moved to Seattle, from Salt Lake City, Utah, I joined a Meet Up Group for women. I thought this group would be a fun way to meet other local independent business owners while at the same time sharing my Scentsy business. The purpose of this meet-up group is to promote one another businesses while sharing friendships. Because the internet has been a big help to promote my Scentsy business, I thought how I could use the internet to help these other women as well. Next came the birth of FUN FREE Giveaways.
Recently my sister-in-law, in Salt Lake City, was telling me a story about a boy born with many health difficulties. His health problems have caused huge medical expenses for his family. After learning that their medical insurance would soon be capping out, with many more medical procedures in need, I thought how I could use FUN FREE Giveaways to help him as well.
Each month I giveaway Scentsy products and pick one lucky winner from the comments left on the blog. I thought why not use FUN FREE Giveaways to help Parker while at the same time improving someone's home for the Holidays with a Beautiful Christmas Scentsy Warmer. Click Here to see the beautiful line of Christmas Scentsy Warmers debuting November 1st.

So, for the month of October I will be giving away 2 of the popular Scentsy Holiday Warmers to 2 lucky winners who contribute $5 or more to Parkers cause. No family, especially one in such need, should have to go without medical insurance.
Although I know much more is needed, I hope this event will help make a small difference.


  1. I think this is a great idea, Katie. I recently got a link attached to my emails that makes a donation to the Red Cross whenever I send an email. I think I'm going to link all of my email addresses to various charitable groups. I want to link to the Susan G. Kolman Breast Cancer Foundation next. I don't have a blog on my Dollars And Scents website, but based on what you did for Parker, I think I can set up a link on my Fundraiser page and commit to make a donation for each warmer that I sell. It's nice that Scentsy encourages giving and has given us several ways to opportunites to do so.

  2. P.S. Maybe you could give us an update on Parker and instead of having your "Click Here" link show the Holiday Warmers, you could change it wo link to the Collegiate Campus Warmers that are coming out in January and February 2010.


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