Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scentsy Expanding into The United Kingdom and Germany!

Big Scentsy News Today!  
Scentsy just announced they will open their doors in Europe this Spring! 

October 2009 Scentsy opened their doors internationally for the first time in Canada.  Now I am so excited to announce that key executives will be going to Europe, specifically the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland,  Scotland, and Wales) and Germany (Deutschland) in March to meet with existing Scentsy Consultants on military bases and with any other interested prospects who want to learn about Scentsy.  

This is big news for Scentsy, and those of us within Scentsy, who have already had the opportunity to be on the ground floor of this incredible Home Based business opportunity.  Scentsy is only 6 years old and is already the fastest growing party plan company in history.  In these six years Scentsy has grown to over 144,000 Scentsy Consultants in the US, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico.  Compare these numbers to Avon who has over 5 million representatives globally.  So you can see for yourself, what an incredible ground floor opportunity this really is.  

Scentsy has given a lot of consultants here in the U.S and Canada the opportunity to earn six figure incomes in this short time.  The Scentsy compensation plan is competing with Doctors, Lawyers and Executive salaries all while Scentsy Consultants, have fun, work from home, have a flexible schedule and get to be their own boss.  Now this incredible ground floor home based business opportunity will start all over again in Europe.       

Scentsy is working on catalogs, Starter Kits, enrollment documents, and all of the other Scentsy candles,  products and tools needed to successfully launch this international venture in the United Kingdom and Germany.  Scentsy will allow existing Scentsy Consultants to sponsor in these new markets, but will not allow cross-border sales. Scentsy's hope is to grow their European base organically and virally, just as Scentsy, Inc. has grown in the U.S. and Canada

I can’t wait for Scentsy Consultants to share Scentsy in Europe and look forward to learning all we can in the UK and Germany so Scentsy can use that knowledge to launch in other countries throughout the world.

Watch out World... here we come! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MP Office and House Cleaning Services

With everyone's busy schedules, who doesn't dream about having a house cleaner?  Here is your chance to make that dream a reality.     

MP Cleaning Services
Monika Purpura – Owner - Licensed

(360) 941-0503
Residential And Small Office Cleaning

Bi-Weekly / Weekly / Bi-Monthly / Monthly

Gift Certificates For Special Occasions

Referral Program

Refer a New Client Program

If new client uses my service three times you will receive a free house cleaning

(one time only per new customer – excludes Gift Certificates)

Gift Certificates

Great for New Moms, Parents, Birthdays and special Holidays

Call now and receive 10% off your first house cleaning!
Residential Cleaning

Hourly Rate: $19

First thorough Cleaning $150-$200 depending on size of house

Package Deal:

$80 for 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Additional bedrooms and Baths $10-$25 each depending on size

Service includes dusting, moping, vacuuming, furniture polish (excludes Sofas and anything of that nature), Kitchen Counter(s) and sink(s), Bathroom(s) including Toilet(s) and bathtub/shower

$25 for Refrigerator

$25 for Kitchen Oven

$25-$40 for Kitchen Cabinets depending on size of kitchen
Small Office

$50 per visit, includes emptying trash, restroom and vacuuming

$10-$25 for rest room tile wall cleaning depending on size

Feel free to give Monika a Call Today -