Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scentsy Contribute 2009

I am so inspired by Scentsy's new program. Scentsy is giving us the opportunity to help our fellow businesses in our local communities and make a real difference in this slow economy. As Orville & Heidi Thompson (owners of Scentsy) said "We have been blessed with Scentsy and want to give back. We are asking you and anyone else that would like to make a difference to give back too." Your donation can make all the difference.

The business I chose to pledge is the Beehive Tea Room. I have known the owner of the Beehive Tea Room, Lisa Brady for years. I have watched her share her artistic talent with the public through her floral arrangements to designing movie sets. The movie business was quite demanding of her time. So, being a single parent she took a big leap, and paycut, and decided to use her talent to open up her own business. This would allow her to spend more time with her daughter.
Lisa's Tea Room is a like a step back in time. You feel like you have entered a Tea Room in Savannah back in the 40's. It gives locals a classy, yet laid back place to socialize, have a party, or to simply hangout and escape from the day to day grind. Lisa's sacifices, hardwork and touch of class she has brought to Salt Lake, I feel, makes her a well deserved recipient of the Scentsy "Contribute 2009" program. Click on the "Take the Pledge" photo for more information or Click Here to contact me.

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