Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scentsy is Exceeding all my Expectations!

Little did I know when I decided to join Scentsy two year ago, what my Scentsy future would hold. The past few months have far exceeded my expectations and much to my amazement it still keeps growing in record numbers each day.

Two months ago, my Scentsy business consisted of a little over 200 people, including two Directors,
Shannon Schmit and Kristin De Los Santos, from Amarillo Texas. They had both promoted to Director in just 3 short months. Also, after my team expanded into Puerto Rico, my team was expanding internationally for the first time into Canada. Also, much to my amazement, my Group Wholsale Volume was well over $50,000.

The following month I had two other talented members of my team,
Shawn Robinson and Jamie Tyner promote to Director. Wow! Because of their promotion, this promoted me to Star Director, a title and promotion I'm honored to hold. Also, along with this accomplishment came a nice pay raise. While other people and families are strugglig with the poor economy, lay offs and pay cuts, I am watching not only my checks increase on a monthly basis but my team members as well.

Now jump forward two months later to mid November. My Scentsy team member and sales have almost doubled and a few more people who will most likely achieve the title of Scentsy Director this month too. This may possibly promote me to SuperStar Director, which is the highest title a Scentsy Consultant holds. WOW!! I am still pinching myself to see if this is all real.

The fact that we still have over one more month left of the Christmas Holiday shopping season, I can't wait to see what my incredible team will surpise me with next. Also, the beautiful Holiday Scentsy products that Scentsy has introduced has helped. These Holiday Warmers and Holiday Scentsy scents are selling at records rates.

I am so honored to be the leader of not only a company that allows me this kind of opportunity, but the talented group of people who have the vision and talent to make these promotions possible.

If my team has been able to accomplish these kind of strides in just 2 short years, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

To be continued...

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