Thursday, December 17, 2009

Help Mend Maureens Heart

One of the many enjoyments I receive in my Scentsy journey is the incredible people I meet.

There have been many amazing people I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with, but one in particular has been Carlos Pundik from Tampa Florida

I was fortunate enough to have Carlos join our Scentsy Scentaholic team in September 2009.  Carlos is extremely talented, charismatic and his willingness to share his creative talents and expertise with the rest of our team has made him invaluable.  

A few weeks ago I learned that the mother of Carlos children, Maureen, was rushed to Broward General Medical Center CVICU due to a sudden, unidentified infection which has severely weakened her heart. She is in critical, yet stable condition with only 10% of her heart working on it's own. The doctors tell us they are limited and it may be in her best interest to be transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital for a heart transplant. However, issues with(out) insurance are making things complicated and slow.

The family is asking for as much support as possible.  Although I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Maureen, yet, I am hoping that my small donation and a link to her website, will help make a small difference. 

If you can, please help Carlos and his family, help Maureen.

Thank you!

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