Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scentsy Giveaways

As you gear up for the Holiday shopping season , why not participate in FREE Giveaways?  They are not only a lot of fun, but a great way to complete your shopping list.  You can't do much better than a price tag that reads FREE.  

Even better is when you can win FREE Scentsy.  Scentsy products are so wonderful you may not want to give them away, but everyone does love the gift of Scentsy.

Right now, you have the chance to win a FREE Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Wax Bar of your choice or a popular new Scentsy Buddy.  They are so cute and a big hit amongst the kids this year.      

Whether you decide to keep your winnings for yourself or give it to that special someone, here are a few Scentsy Giveaways going on right now:

An Island Life Scentsy Giveaway - Ends November 22nd

Praying for Parker Scentsy Raffle - Ends November 15th 

Have Fun and Good Luck! 

~  Katie 


  1. coming from follow friday--just wanted to thank you for stopping by. looks like some nice give aways.

  2. Hi Katie, your story is so inspirational...keep up the great work...Alba


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