Saturday, November 6, 2010

Receive a FREE Scentsy Gift when you help Raise Awareness for Parker's Raffle!

Calling All Blogger, Facebook and Twitter Friends!

Please help us in raising awareness for Parker's Scentsy Raffle and I will personally send you a FREE Scentsy Scent Circle!  All proceeds from this Scentsy Raffle are being donated directly to Parker's Medical Fund. 

Parker is only 6 years old and his medical bills have already totalled more than a lot of people make in a lifetime.  Just to keep Parker alive, his monthly medical bills total over $2,000.  When you are raising a family, especially one with special needs, this can bankrupt a lot of people.

You know the theory of  "Paying it Forward?"  You help 3 people and they help 3 people...  well if you Tweet, Share this on Facebook or create a Post on your Blog, think of all the people we could reach.

So, any help you could provide by Re-Tweeting, Sharing the following link on Facebook, or creating a Post on your Blog, would be greatly appreciated.  (Make sure you leave a comment, so I can send you a FREE Scentsy gift and a big THANK YOU!)

Here is the link to share: 

Thank you in advance for helping raise awareness for such a great cause and here's hoping the good Karma will come right back at ya! 


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  2. I posted On facebook.!/freebiegoddess03/posts/158043917571018

  3. I posted on facebook, twitter and copied your entire post and put it on my blog.

    I'm not wanting a Scentsy of my own, just wanting to help out Parker!

    I will be praying for Parker and his entire family. God bless them all!


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