Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebrating our 5 Year Scentsy Anniversary

This week marks our 5 year anniversary with Scentsy! Many thanks to all of you who have helped support our business.  We couldn't do it without our great customers and team! Thanks to you, we are living our dream.

It all started when my husband called me about a business opportunity he heard about from a co-worker.  He thought it would be perfect for our situation.  After the tragic events of 9-11 and many paycuts later, I was looking for a way to help bring in extra income.  Not wanting to miss out on the once in a lifetime events with our kids and refusing to put them in daycare, I was looking for something that offered a flexible schedule and the opportunity to work from home.  Who wasn't?  I was discouraged and didn't think it was possible.

I was misinformed about direct sales, so after hearing that Scentsy was a party plan company I told my husband in no way possible was I interested.  Despite my objection, he brought home a Scentsy catalog.  (One of those rare times I'm glad he didn't listen to me)  While walking this catalog over to the trash can I decided to look at it for his sake, so I could at least tell him I did check it out. I had never heard of Scentsy but after browsing this catalog, it was as though a light bulb went off! I instantly fell in love with the products Scentsy offered and had a great feeling about this company, its leadership and direction.  I decided to take a leap of faith and invest $99 to start this business venture. My original goals was simply hoping I could make a little extra money for our family. I had no idea how life changing this decision would be.

5 years later Scentsy is solely supporting our family and has allowed my husband to retire from his full time aviation career. I get to work every day with my best friend! We have the freedom and flexibility to travel, be available for our family, school functions, etc. We haven't missed one school event or field trip this year. It is comforting knowing we are in charge of our destiny and never need to worry again about tragic world events or the economy affecting our livelihood.

If that weren't enough, we have also earned all expense paid vacations to Banff,  Hawaii, Disney World, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and stays at the Broadmoor and Grand America Hotel with spa treatments to boot.  This coming summer, I have already earned an all expense paid vacation to one of 6 locations.  We are still debating, but an all expense paid vacation to New York City and staying at the Waldorf Hotel is at the top of the list.  Staying at the Waldorf Hotel has always been a dream of mine and I am so excited this dream may soon be a reality.  These vacations are first class all the way.  I have never felt so spoiled and appreciated by a company before.   

Scentsy has also allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and uncover potential I never realized nor imagined possible.  Little did I realize I would be leading a team of consultants throughout the US, Canada, UK, Germay and Ireland with many more destinations on the horizon.  This amazing group consists of over 1,800 consultants including a group of 20 Directors.  I am so inspired by this group.  They have taught me so much and humble me everyday.   What a ride it has been to watch this incredible team uncover their own greatness and accomplish goals and opportunities they never imagined. 

Along this journey I have also been blessed to meet some of the greatest people that inspire me to be a better person. I am so honored to be part this talented group!  I am overwhelmed with emotion on where this journey has taken us, and we have only just begun!

Thank you for being part of our success and here's to many more great years ahead! 

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