Sunday, June 30, 2013, where was I?

So, Katie asks me from time to time if I have posted anything on the blog and one thing leads to another, time slips away from us, Yada yada yada and I'm really tired today (anyone guess where that's from?)  Next thing you know more than a few months have gone by without so much as a peep from our little blog. Well let's see if we can do something productive and change that.

I think the last time we were talking about Halloween in the RP (Rose Park... Salt Lake City) and there have been a few holidays since then. We enjoyed a very nice holiday season with a sensational Christmas and festive New Year welcoming 2013.  Following that however was one of the coldest winters we have seen in many years.  Single digit temperatures for days on end accompanied by a temperature inversion definitely tested our resilience.  And then came the flu.  Not just one of us at a time but the whole family at once.  Oh it was much fun.  The bright side however was we were all together and cozy in one room enduring and convalescing.  That passed, we soldiered through a few more weeks of challenging weather and now our efforts are being rewarded with the beginnings of another dazzling Wasatch spring.  Soon enough though the temps will be heading toward the triple digits and the memories of the big chill will cease to exist and it will be just too darned hot but it will be good thus sayeth I.

We haven't spent all of our springtime in the Beehive State though. Mom and Dad spent a week in Charleston, South Carolina while daughter had a week with Grams and Gramps in Covington,Georgia.  Two very similar cities steeped in history and tradition yet worlds apart.  We really had a terrific time in Charleston eating shrimp and grits, sweet tea, fresh fish prepared in countless ways, out of this world barbeque, collared greens, sweet potatoes, sweet tea, more grits, hush puppies, southern style green beans... did I mention sweet tea?  If you haven't sipped this truly southern of beverages than you are missing much.  Let's see... what else...oh yeah, we saw some of the city of Charleston too.  Actually a lot of the city but I was amazed at how much emphasis was placed on the food and cooking in such a historical, cultural place... not that there's anything wrong with that. It is highly recommended to take historical walking or carriage tours. The residents of Charleston along with the local government take on not only responsibility but great pride in keeping traditions but history alive and intriguing. While in Covington, GA the activities were much different.  We did something really interesting... we relaxed!  We heard about this relaxing thing once and after actually participating in it, we liked it!  Spring in the south is very nice.  Of course we can't just write about our very enjoyable vacation without a nod to Scentsy and our Scentsy family of consultants and customers who made this possible.  The owners of Scentsy, in all their awesomeness, provide an incentive every year in the form of a paid vacation to reward the dedication, hard work and diligence of the top producers in Scentsy.  The incentive destination is always fabulous and this year was just that! Thanks to Orville and Heidi Thompson for a great time!

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