Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 in Rose Park

Halloween. All Hallows Eve. Hence the picture. Anyway, the evening of spooks and sweets and trick or treating has passed but....wait a minute...trick or treating?  Before going further we have to look at our time honored tradition of the children (or children at heart) dressing up in fanciful, frightful costumes and going door to door collecting treats from the neighbors after calling out "trick or treat."  Simple right?  We always thought so but apparently things are changing.  While helping at our daughter's recent school Halloween function, one of her friends told us how several other kids in attendance were expressing jealousy that she and our daughter were going trick or treating that night because they (the other kids) were not.  Their neighbors didn't celebrate trick or treating anymore.  Another parent even asked us where we are located so she might be able to bring her child to participate in our neighborhood. 

Our neighborhood is cool!

We live in an interesting, colorful, diverse, eclectic, conventional, unconventional, curious little neighborhood with tree lined streets, sidewalks and streetlights called Rose Park which is just a stone's throw from Downtown SLC but in some ways suburban in feel while remaining a city community.  Shortly after moving here we ran into a former neighbor who asked where we relocated and after telling him he said "oh you're in the RP?" and it stuck.  California my have the OC but we have the RP!  So back to Halloween.  The RP just seems to be one of those neighborhoods where trick or treating is a natural.  It is idyllic with streetlighting and big old trees and lots of children.  The element of safety is also a very nice bonus in that we live in a community where neighbors look out for each other.

From dusk until well after dark the trick or treaters come.  In years past I've actually had to return to our local grocer to purchase more candy as we greatly underestimated the demand.  One group of older trick or treaters came to the door a bit late and informed us they came to our neighborhood because the more posh neighborhood they originally chose was "lame."

One of our neighbors is so committed to halloween, he decorates the entire house and yard with all manner of creatures and spooks to the point where one cannot even see the house at all!

Basically, Halloween is always a lively, fun and entertaining event here in Rose Park.  It always brings back warm memories for us old folks of the days when we participated in this curious ritual of altering our appearance and going door to door collecting treats from the neighbors, which seems to becoming a lost art.

As with all holidays, our company Scentsy gets in on the fun with new warmers and scents to help celebrate the occasion and liven things up a bit sort of like this guy up here.  I believe the scent we had (have) warming in here is Mandarin Moon.  Sounds like it smells good huh?  It does!  Anyway, thanks for being here and we hope you enjoyed your Halloween as much as us. 


  1. That's sad that it's fading away in some neighborhoods. :( What a special memory it is for me growing up. Glad your area is so cool!

    1. Thanks Liz! Hope you had a nice Halloween too.

  2. Ahh I grew up in Rose Park and we bought our first home in Rose Park! I lived on Poinsettia and then bought on American Beauty :) My childhood was fantastic. Enjoy! PS We are now in Seattle ;)

    1. How nice to meet a fellow Rose Park now Seattle resident. We don't live too far from where you grew up. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is great to meet you.


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