Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Another Giveaway - Just in Time for the Holidays!

While participating in a Blog Hop, I made a friend over at Super Mommy To the Rescue.

After sending her some Scentsy goodies, we partnered up and she offered a review and a Scentsy Giveaway on her blog.  If you are interested in winning the beautiful "Give Thanks" Scentsy Warmer and a Scentsy Bar of your choice, head on over to Super Mommy to the Rescue.   

Also, feel free to leave a comment and "Like" my Facebook page.  I would be happy to repay the favor. 

Don't wait too long, a winner will be picked on November 1st. 

Good Luck! 


  1. Visiting from the Friday Blog Hop - I also just moved to the Seattle area - I'm a new follower of your great blog!

  2. What a great blog. One of my favorite Scentsy customers sent me the link.

  3. Congratulations to Heather Wheeler for winning the new Give Thanks Scentsy Warmer, just in time for her Thanksgiving Holiday decor. Enjoy!


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