Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I Learned from Sally Brigg and Vemma - Network Marketing

I have met a few people by visiting other blogs, but one in particular person, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting has been Sally Brigg.  Her positive attitude and outlook on life, instantly grabbed my attention.

Although Sally lives in Australia, our similar interests and passion for the the two different companies we represent, has kept us in touch.  As you know, I am a SuperStar Director for Scentsy and Sally is a top leader with a company called Vemma which claims to be the world's most powerful liquid antioxidant.   

Sally was kind enough to send me a month supply of Vemma.  I have only been taking Vemma for a few days, so I don't have a lot to tell about the product yet, except that I love the way it tastes.  But what I wanted to share with you is what I have learned from her, thus far. 

Along with the Vemma product, Sally enclosed a CD by Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki.  Robert started the CD by talking about the new business of the 21st Century, so I wanted to hear more.   This is what I learned, (in his words)...

He is looking forward to these tough times.  He claims that it is in tough times that people succeed.   

One of the reasons he believes we are in the biggest financial crisis in the history of the world, even more so than the great depression, is because we are now competing for jobs with people all over the world, such as India, China, Eastern Europe, etc.  This is also coupled with technology replacing a lot of jobs.  This means that people with great educations, can no longer make $80 an hour.  People are not just being downsized, they are being let go.  Why would someone pay an accountant $100 per hour when they can hire someone in India or another country, who is familiar with the US laws, for $25 an hour.  As far as technology, why would you hire someone to do a job that a computer can do?   The idea of a safe secure job for life, is an obsolete idea.

He then went on to talk about people's different mind sets:   

  • E = Employee
  • SSmall Business, Specialist or Solo employee.   (Doctors, Lawyers, etc.)  Usually people with good educations and do very well in school.  Not everyone does well in school. 
  • B = Big Business Owner (very few people make this quadrant)
  • I = Investors, (not everyone has money to invest) may make a lot of money, but pay high taxes, inflation, etc.  May make money during inflation, such as investing in oil, etc. 
He believes that 80-95% of people have the E and S side of thinking.  To get out of this rut, you will need to shift your mind set.  Most people think that big business and investors are born, not made.  One type of business that stood out to him, was a business opportunity that required little money upfront, little overhead and can be worked part time so you can make the money to transition out of your full time job.  This great business opportunity is called Network Marketing.

The unique thing about entrepreneurs is that they make things happen, take control of their lives and don't let other people's small minds stop them.  The beauty of a network business is to be supported by an organization to go through your fears, to change your  friends and not care what others say or think about you.  If you can do this, if you can handle what others say about you, you will grow up to be a great entrepeneur and you will go far.  If you are more concerned about what others think if you, you will not only not do well in Network Marketing, you won't do well at anything.  It's up to you to gain the confidence, mindset, skillset, guts and determination to not care what others say about you.  If you can do this, you will do very well in all aspects of your life, especially in network marketing. 

A few reasons Network Marketing is the new recommended business of the 21st century.  It is about developing people and building them up, not pushing them down.  Build them up so they can take better control of their lives without worrrying about being fired or downsized.  Network marketing is about turning people from employees to big business and entrepneuers.  It is a fabulous way to grow personally and help others to grow and realize their full potential in life.

So, what is network marketing?  It is the best form of marketing which is word of mouth, instead of paying big ad agencies.  It is not so much about selling it is about building a network of people which builds an asset for you and your family.

Direct Marketing requires a change in mindset.  It is exactly opposite of what most people are conditioned to believe.  Once you see you don't need a steady paycheck and you don't need to work hard for yourself, your mind starts to shift.  Then it requires learning new skills. It is not necessarily easy and can be difficult for some people to make this change with their mindset.  You have to learn how to have money and have people work for you, instead of working and making money for other people.  You need to learn how to become a leader.  It is also called business education.  Direct Sales is a great way to get real life business education.

When deciding on the right direct sales company for you, go to a meeting.  Pay attention and see if the leaders are really interested in you and your welfare.  Most of the time you will find the answer to be yes, especially in Scentsy and Vemma.  You will find this to be the exact opposite of most corporations.  They aren't interested in you, they are usualy more interested in making money for the shareholders, not you.

The beauty of network marketing is that the leaders cannot be successful unless you are successful.  Which is the exact opposite of corporate America.

The beauty of Direct Marketing is that they want to pull you up.  If you are willing to show up and go through their training programs, they will work with you, they won't fire you.  They will give you time to develop into the person you are.  After you are successful, your job will be to assist others do to the same.  It is a humane way of doing business.  It is heart to heart and people helping people.

Not everyone succeeds from the start.  But each time you fail, you learn how to rebuild your business and become bigger than your problem.  You become smarter with each failure you encounter.

This helps create personal development, which is becoming bigger than the problem.  Most people give into their problems and let them swallow you and that is when life stops for you.

Direct Marketing is a personal development program.  It won't allow you to become rich next week.  You need to give it at least 5 year commitment.  (However, I have personally witnessed many Scentsy Consultants makes 6 figure incomes in 2 years or less).    Quitters never win.  Most people, when they going get toughs or their problems seem insurmountable they quit.  That is why they will never be successful in life.  That is network marketing is a support group for those who want the best for you.  But you have to give your best also.

To be successful in Direct Marketing, you have to be a great leader.  Our world lacks great leaders.  Direct marketing will help you develop leadership skills.  You need to learn how to be a role model and good example.  If you lack courage, people won't follow you.

There are 4 basic types of people:

1.  People who must be right.
2.  Those who must be comfortable.
3.  Person who must be liked.  (If your survival is based upon people liking you, you won't succeed.)
4.  People who must win.  (These are the type of people who do well in Direct Marketing.  Winners set big goals.)

Difference between wealth and money, wealth is measured in time.  For example if I have $1,000 in savings and my expenses are $1,000 in one month, my wealth is one month.  If I have $12,000 in savings and expenses are $1,000 a month my wealth is 12 months.  By building a network marketing business, that wealth becomes infinite.  Especially if it is well built, you can earn money for the rest of your life. That is real wealth.

A big mistake people make when looking at a Directing Marketing business is the product.  Of course, the product is important but you need look at who your leaders are.  How good is the training program, do they have your best interest at heart.  Will they assist you in coming out of your shell, not being afraid of rejection and assist you to become a great  leader.    Once you find your great leader and the company, see if the leaders are going to assist you.  Look at the leaders and the training.   

It doesn't take a higher education.  You don't have to be great in sales.  Your company will train you.  You don't need to quit your job, you can work part time.  However, it does require coming out of your comfort zone, willing to learn, study, perservere and most importantly, having a great attitude.

It is not a get rich quick businesss, it is about buidling an assett.  It takes time.  It takes at least 10,000 hours to become successful at anything.  Also, don't think, act.  The people who act, succeed.

Network Marketing is the business model of the future.  It is the new era, after the industrial age.  Network Marketing businesses are going to explode as unemployment increases, and wages come down.  Direct Marketing is set up for everyone to win.   It is a path to success and bringing out financial freedom. 

Network marketing is an equal opportunity business.  It is not about education, race, gender.  If you have determination, drive more discipline, you win over people who don't.   Network marketing is set up to help everyone succeed.  It is a path to personal success. It is about bringing out the greatness that lies inside you and about personal development, creating financial freedom and more.   ~ 

I am so impressed by what I have just learned.  Thank you Sally!  If Vemma has already brought so much insight into my life, in such a short amount of time, I can't wait to see what the product itself has in store for me.  

To be continued....


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