Friday, January 22, 2010

Seattle's own Geoffrey Castle & Eric Robert

After picking my daughter up from school today, she got in the car and sat back in her seat and sighed, and told me she had the best day at school, ever.  Quite curious of her day, she said they had a guest musician play during an assembly at school and he was soooooo good she couldn't speak, move, blink and her face went pale while he played his electric violin. 

He was going to be performing a concert at her school later that evening, but due to other plans we were not planning on attending.  After seeing the passion in her eyes and wanting to encourage her musical talent we quickly changed our plans to attend.  I'm not sure who was more mesmerized by his music, me or her.  I had never seen such talent delivered in a captivating way.  Geoffrey Castle's music sent chills down my spine. 

After being able to divert my attention to my daughter I noticed she had the same transfixed expression I had. 

Not only was his music amazing, his cause for the concert equally impressed me.  Geoffrey and keyboardist, Eric Robert, are using their musical gifts to raise awareness of the decline of music in our schools.  With cutbacks happening everywhere, unfortunately the music programs in our schools is the first to go.  I shutter to think what our next generation will be like without music in their lives.  How many budding musicians will miss their opportunity?

Thank you Geoffrey for a great evening of music, inspiring my daughter and raising awareness of a very important cause.


  1. So lovely to see A. She looks so beautiful and so big!

  2. I understand what you mean about the way music can touch your soul. My grandmother was a classically trained violinist who's playing brought tears to my eyes. The violin still makes me heart sing!


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