Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Improved Fun FREE Giveaways is Here!

This past Scentsy holiday shopping season was one of the busiest times of my Scentsy career.  At the same time my income far exceeded anything I thought possible. Thank you Scentaholic Team!!!

At the same time I watched many of our team members reach goals and sales figures they didn't expect to accomplish either.  What pleasant surprises for all of us. 

Being that the holiday season was so busy, I haven't had the chance to focus my efforts on this blog or my other sites and blogs.  I have been wanting to change my site,, formerly known as Fun FREE Giveaways to it's proper url address,

I'm excited to announce that Fun FREE Giveaways is officially here.  I started this site a few months ago after attending a Meet Up Group for women here in Seattle.  This meet-up group is intended to help independent business owners promote one anothers business.  Since the internet has been a big help in promoting my Scentsy business I was thinking of how I could use the internet to help them, in addition to other independent business owners.  After a member of our Scentsy Team, Shawn Robinson, who is quite knowledgeable with the internet, introduced me to a blog that discussed how giveaways were a great way to promote your online business, a light bulb went off and I created Fun FREE Giveaways

My Scentsy career keeps me quite busy so I don't have as much time as I like to dedicate to Fun FREE Giveaways, but if I am able to help a few business owners improve their business, my mission will be accomplished. 

Happy New Year everyone!! 


  1. I think this is a great idea and I'd like to sign up as one of the first of your fellow bloggers to announce my free monthly giveaway. During the month of January 2010, I am giving away one free Scentsy Plug-In and one free Scentsy wax bar. The contest requirements are explained on my website,

    Basically all it takes to enter is to sign into my website during January and fill out the contact form located at The "contestant" provides their name and email address, so I can contact the winner after a one is chosen at the end of each month.

    I think I will change the giveaway reward each month to keep the contest fresh. In addition to that contest on my personal Scentsy website, I also have a special giveaway of Scentsy fragrance bars that is shown on my Scentsy replicated website at

    Today is January 8, 2010, so I do need to advertise the Dollars and Scents giveaway because I've only had one person fill out an entry form. I appreciate having this blog site to post contests and giveaways each month.
    Again, thank you for opening this blog up for giveaways and contests.


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