Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seattle is for the Birds!

Well now first of all ,the title of this post is not in the traditional use of this phrase but more literally. You see, there are some differences between Seattle and Salt Lake City.  Ok, alot of differences.  But one of those differences is the birds!  The avian population in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is, well... huge.  Seattle is for the birds!  Salt Lake City on the other hand just doesn't seem to attract the feathered community as much.  This doesn't apply to our numerous neighbors who have decided to keep the non-flying feathered variety in their yards here in the city but I believe if the chickens had their choice they would be elsewhere but who knows.  Now just as the chickens didn't have a choice for their location, the birds in the Seattle area seem to be quite happy, choice or not, because there are so many of them.  From our kitchen table in Mukilteo we were always entertained by crows (or Ravens) cardinals, Blue jays, sparrows, swallows, several varieties of woodpecker and so many more we couldn't identify with many shapes and colors.  Of course when you go down to the water, along with the crow family there was the ever present large seagull clan.  Remember in 'Finding Nemo' when the seagulls were saying "mine"..."mine"...."mine" repeatedly?  They actually do say that!  Most impressive though about the Pacific Northwest bird population are the raptors. Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, etc. fill the skies regularly and not to the pleasure of the other birds as they try to chase the birds of prey away from their nests.  Now, travel 900 miles south, southeast to our home here in the high desert and one is left thinking the birds have been evicted from Utah. There is a bird population here in SLC just nothing compared to Seattle and vicinity. Interestingly enough there is a sizeable goose and duck presence here and the  previously mentioned raptors are here as well, just not in the same numbers.  One particular brand of bird that does very well here in Zion is this fella:

This is the Magpie.  Very large.  Very handsome. Very vocal.  Very annoying.  Now don't misunderstand, they are impressive birds with great colors and aerial skills unmatched for big fliers but in questioning the lack of any other types of birds.  I'm told that these guys are to blame.  They are the bird mafia with their tuxedos and attitudes.  They don't fear much; they actually chase the cats away and most people can walk right up to them before they fly away.  I have to wonder if they are afraid of people or just not interested. I go with the latter.

Well, there you go.  My thoughts on the birds of The Northwest and The Desert.  A topic on the minds of many I'm sure.  Another topic near and dear to my heart of course is the luxury and reward of being able to earn our living from home where I can spend more time exploring the important issues facing us like the bird population and so on.  The awesome company Scentsy, Inc. has given us the opportunity to own and operate our own business. And if making the world smell a little nicer wasn't enough, Scentsy has provided us with even more opportunity by providing that world with chocolate, chocolate by the name of Velata.  It doesn't end here though.  A beautiful line of ladies handbags and accessories called Grace Adele is our very latest offering and a more beautiful, unique and functional hand bag or purse you'll not find anywhere! I have my eye on a couple of bags but they just don't go with my shoes!  Oh well... hey I think I see a bird other than a magpie outside so I'm off to check it out.  Thanks for being here.  ~  Robert


  1. I'm not sure I've seen a magpie up close, but I'm very, very familiar with the crow. Surely the two birds are pals because they're equally obnoxious!

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  4. Seattle is definitely a great place to be a bird watcher.

  5. Arizona isn't much for the birds either.


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