Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring time in Slick City (SLC)

 Is it Spring already? The last time I found a minute to come in here and put down a thought or two it was Christmas time and trying to be winter (one of the mildest on record as it turned out)! Well according to the calender and the glorious weather (as well as the sneezing!) we are out of winter and entering another Wasatch spring. Oh...hold that thought......I just glanced out the window at the tulips and daffodils who are just now showing off their colors and noticed that the blue skies and sunshine have become obscured by clouds thus removing that springlike euphoria. Oh well....that's the way it goes here at 4000+ feet altitude so if you don't like the weather now just wait an hour or so and it will change!

   Along with the warm spring temps and visuals we also get to enjoy the fragrances of the changing seasons (refer to previous mention of blooming flora )and of course our favorite provider of manufactured fragrances, Scentsy, just happened to release a new line of fragrant products for the laundry called Layers by Scentsy to coincide with Spring and all it's glory. One actually looks forward to doing laundry even though one should be out of doors since it is Spring!

   From what I gather from friends and associates in the Pacific Northwest where our blog first saw the light of day as well as our former residence, the winter and spring there have been slightly different from what we've experienced here in the high desert. To put it simply:wetter....ok just wet. A colleague there recently told me they actually get all four seasons in one day....regularly. I actually remember days like that and once when I commented on the weather there my friend responded "isn't it dramatic?" From that point on I always observed the meteorological conditions of Seattle and surroundings as just that; dramatic! Another point to make however is that when the weather decides to play nice in the northwest there is arguably no finer place to be on this planet as was the case on the very day we departed our Mukilteo home for Utah last July. We actually had pause and asked ourselves now, why is it we're leaving?!

  Well even though the world outside our humble abode suddenly no longer has the appearance of Spring, I'm going outside anyway to investigate the grounds and discover what other fauna are waking up after a long sleep to enjoy another season in the sun! Until next time.....


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