Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Snow in Seattle?

It is the end of  February and Spring Break in Seattle and here is a picture looking out our living room window.  It has only been snowing for the past 3 hours and has no signs of slowing down.  I can't imagine how the snow is going to look  by the end of the day.  Perhaps we'll have 2 feet of snow like the picture below.

Snow is a rare thing here, especially this time of year and it looks like a good 'ole winter storm in the Wasatch Mountains.  Seattle isn't equipped for snow removal, so I am glad it is spring break and we don't have to drive.  I learned the hard way about driving in the Seattle snow, the first year we moved here.  Seattle was experiencing their biggest snow storm in over 25 years.  The entire city was paralyzed and people were sliding down the hills on couches.  If you didn't need emergency care or garbage removal it was kind of fun.  That year I quickly learned that we weren't driving in Utah snow anymore.  It's slick and icy, much different than driving in a good 'ole Wasatch Mountain snow storm.  I was getting in my car and my neighbors were yelling at me saying" thanks for bringing your Utah snow with you."   I didn't understand their concern.  It was November and snow was a regular gift from Mother Nature.  I decided to run some errands and as I was leaving my driveway one of my neighbors begged me not to drive in the snow.  I thought, wow, these Seattle people are wimps.  I'll show them how to drive.  I was quickly humbled as a headed down the hill and realized I was completely at the mercy of Mother Nature.  I was grateful that not many other drivers were on the roads as I slid right through stop signs and main roads.  If I wasn't worried about ending up off the side of the road in a ditch it could have been a better ride than anything they have at Disneyland.

Needless to say our plans of enjoying this week off of school and taking Ferry rides to unexplored destinations are quickly turning to stay at home activities.  That's okay, sometimes those are the best memories.


  1. Just wait - when I finally move back there in the next year or so, it won't snow like that again...Murphy's Law because I love snow! I grew up in the Seattle area (my parents and siblings and extended family members all still live out that way) but it seems the snow fairies have been busy out there while I've been in PA - like we exchanged weather patterns when I moved here from there. ;) I'm SO looking forward to being back in Washington - snow or no snow - because I've been homesick for my home state! :)

    Aloha: Relax

  2. Glad to know you survived!! I assume rain is more prevalent there since I was surprised that you said snow was not the norm.

    I've seen enough snow for several lifetimes, so I don't mind that the only 'snow' we get here in the north island of New Zealand only lasts over night!

  3. I just came home from Seattle today and I couldn't believe it snowed at SEA Tac! I was freezing as we walked to the hotel! I have to go back there tomorrow and this time I'm bringing my thermals! :-)

  4. Hi I am a new follower and I am looking forward to reading your blog. I am in San Diego and it snowed here this weekend in places it has not snowed in years. Have a great day!

  5. I found your blog on the Boot my Friday blog hop... it's so nice to find someone from Seattle... we were at home as well and had to cancel our trip to the much awaited Air Supply at concert Tacoma. A toasty movie night at home made up for everything :)
    You have a wonderful blog! Do swing by and visit. Following you on google friend connect now.

  6. Houses should be tough and could withstand the weight of the accumulated snow on its roof.


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