Thursday, January 6, 2011

MP Office and House Cleaning Services

With everyone's busy schedules, who doesn't dream about having a house cleaner?  Here is your chance to make that dream a reality.     

MP Cleaning Services
Monika Purpura – Owner - Licensed

(360) 941-0503
Residential And Small Office Cleaning

Bi-Weekly / Weekly / Bi-Monthly / Monthly

Gift Certificates For Special Occasions

Referral Program

Refer a New Client Program

If new client uses my service three times you will receive a free house cleaning

(one time only per new customer – excludes Gift Certificates)

Gift Certificates

Great for New Moms, Parents, Birthdays and special Holidays

Call now and receive 10% off your first house cleaning!
Residential Cleaning

Hourly Rate: $19

First thorough Cleaning $150-$200 depending on size of house

Package Deal:

$80 for 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Additional bedrooms and Baths $10-$25 each depending on size

Service includes dusting, moping, vacuuming, furniture polish (excludes Sofas and anything of that nature), Kitchen Counter(s) and sink(s), Bathroom(s) including Toilet(s) and bathtub/shower

$25 for Refrigerator

$25 for Kitchen Oven

$25-$40 for Kitchen Cabinets depending on size of kitchen
Small Office

$50 per visit, includes emptying trash, restroom and vacuuming

$10-$25 for rest room tile wall cleaning depending on size

Feel free to give Monika a Call Today -


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