Friday, November 25, 2011

It's time for a Scentsy Christmas Giveaway!

Well, after a day of Thanksgiving fun and good times with family, my thoughts are now about Christmas and what I enjoy most about Christmas is giving!  It's not too shabby to receive something nice as well. So in this spirit, I would like to give something away!  Let's see... why not something I am already passionate about, Scentsy!  So, how about a beautiful Garland Scentsy Warmer and a fragrant Scentsy Bar to go with it.  Yes, that's it.  So, now all I need is someone to give this away to and a way to do it.  I think the best way is a drawing.   

To be entered in the drawing I just need a few simple things from you...     

1.  "Like" my page on Facebook, Click Here.
2.  Post this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your blog, with a link. (One entry and comment for each)      
3.  Subscribe to my monthly Scentsy E-Newsletter, Click Here.
4.  Visit my website and leave a comment letting me know your favorite Scentsy product.  
5.  Follow my blog.     

On December 5, 2011, one lucky name will be randomly selected  to receive the beautiful Garland Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Bar. 

The winner will have one week to e-mail me or another winner will be chosen.  So make sure to bookmark the page and come back for a visit to see if you are the lucky winner.     

Now for the fine print... only open in the US and Canada and no Scentsy Consultants please. 

Looking forward to 'meeting' you and hearing your comments.  Best Wishes and Best of Luck!

Monday, November 7, 2011

...well not exactly Seattle....

....even though today in Salt Lake City it is very much like Seattle, weather wise that is. Up until Monday when the temp was still in the 80's and we were dining outdoors, summer just refused to give up but, two days later, Autumn finally took the reins and ushered in the appropriate weather associated with the first week in October in the high desert... cool and rainy. Oh. My apologies! Why am I writing about the weather in SLC being similar to Seattle? Well, alot has changed for the Jones' of Mukilteo since June 2011. In short we have returned to Utah and our previous life as the Jones' of SLC! You see, my husband,daughter and I relocated to the Great Pacific Northwest in late 2008 from the High Desert of Utah where our home and family is based. Once settled into our home in charming Mukilteo and operation of my Scentsy Wickless Candle business resumed, I couldn't resist trying to use 'Wickless in Seattle' somehow (you know....the movie ' Seattle'?)... sorry, of course you do! Anyway, making a short story long, my new blog now had a name. Well, living in the northwest in Mukilteo with it's proximity to Seattle, Whidbey Island, the San Juans, Edmonds ,etc,etc was (is) wonderful but sometimes there's just no place like home which is why, after two years we decided to return to our home and family in Salt Lake City! Of course we still have a strong connection to Washington and where we once called home. Our daughter attended a wonderful school where she made many friends and through modern technology still keeps in touch with on an almost daily basis! My husband established strong, solid relationships in that short period as well. As for me, I met and became dear friends with many wonderful people who I am still happy to be in touch with regularly! Overall it was a refreshing experience and adventure. There are of course things we miss (having a sandwich at The Red Cup while watching naval ships sail by in Possession Sound!) but with our attachments there we have lots of reasons for a return engagement! You haven't seen the last of the Jones'!  Until next time......